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Sumita Eyeliner Review + BirchBox Favorites

Sumita Eyeliner Review + BirchBox Favorites

Birchbox has found their latest eye liner obsession!—Sumita’s Color Contrast Mini Eyeliner Kit. This kit is exclusively being sold in the Birchbox shop in a set of four.

Sumita’s soft wax formula goes on smooth to create clean lines or can be smudged to smoky perfection, while a dose of hydrating glycerin guards against irritation. Plus, the long-lasting liner will hold up all day and night.

I got a chance to try out these eyeliners. Just to give you a back story about me and eye-liner…we don’t really get along. I have the hardest time creating a straight line but I am getting better. I have realized the key is all in the eye liner (and then of course a steady hand). The more the eyeliner glides, the easier it is!

I tried out 4 shades- Saletti, an eye-popping navy, Suman is a rich classic black; Jamun, a deep plum;  and Raina, a smoky grey.



(Don’t mind my horrible eyebrows. I was trying to grow them out to get the “perfect” brows)

Saletti, an eye-popping navy
Raina, a smoky grey


Jamun, a deep plum
Suman is a rich classic black
Suman is a rich classic black

They were incredibly easy to use and they did glide VERY well. I am no bueno at putting on liner and these made it so easy for me 🙂  I definitely like. In addition to the ease, the color payoff was great too. After looking at the pics – I am usually a black eyeliner only type of girl, but I am really feeling the navy and plum now 🙂  Yay! Now I have some new liner colors to play around with!

Check out the mini set sold exclusively at BirchBox