Sulfate Free Shampoo

I am trying out these Sulfate Free Shampoos. According to Lorraine Massey of Curly Girl, Sulfate is a no no for curly hair. It is supposed to dry the hair out.  Honestly, I never really paid too much attention to it because my hair was always healthy, and I , like most of you all, have been using shampoo with Sulfate all my life. So far I have 2 shampoos that are sulfate free:

Miss Jessies Creme de la Curl


and Kinky Curly Come Clean


I haven’t tried the KC but I have used Miss Jessies before. Usually when I do use the Miss Jessies , I end up using a sulfate shampoo also out of habit! Today was the first time I used ONLY a sulfate free shampoo and a conditioner. My scalp feels cleansed and everything which I was surprised. I definitely had faith in Miss Jessies, but I didn’t think a shampoo that doesnt sud could do anything. My scalp feels clean and its not itching like it was. I want to see if I can keep this going with the sulfate free products…and I wonder if it will make a difference long term like they say.

Also, my wonderful mother ordered me some Wen products. Check them out on YouTube or QVC. This guy has a line of sulfate free shampoo as well.  That should be to my house hopefully tomorrow so I can try it out. I will try the Come Clean and Wen and post reviews.

Has anyone used a sulfate free shampoo and is having an easy transition from Sulfate to Sulfate-Free?