Stylists vs. Youtubers

A salon based website did an interview with me yesterday wanting to get my take on Stylists takes on Natural Hair Youtubers. The interested thing is, I bet alot of Natural Hair Salons are losing customers due to the numerous Natural Hair Vloggers and the bloggers. I mean, there is so much information out there that you really don’t need to spend the money. One thing I will spend money on is to get my hair straightened and to get color: straightened because it takes me too long lol, and color for obvious reasons- its a chemical!

I know some stylists who find our videos helpful. Remember, they don’t learn natural hair styles in beauty school so where can they learn beside workshops offered here and there?

I’m sure there are even more stylists who probably don’t like our videos. It takes business away when people learn how to style their own hair at home.

Even though I chose to only go to salons 2 or 3 times a year,  I always encourage people to go to salons if they want to learn or if they don’t want to style their own hair. In fact, I have a list of salons on my blog- if  I have not been to them, they have been highly recommended.

Lastly, Youtubers and Stylists don’t always know what they are talking about. I know I am not trained so I don’t expect people to do the same hair practices as I do. Most Youtubers aren’t trained hair stylists. But honestly, the same thing goes for stylists. Just because they are a stylist by profession doesn’t mean they know anything about natural hair or that they are always right. It’s been stylists who have damaged my hair, combed my hair from root to ends (Who does that?) ripping my hair out, and who I have to sit there and explain everything to.

All I’m saying is to be careful with both and research before listening to what any of us Youtubers say or before listening to stylists. Researching is key to your Healthy Hair Journey.