Strobing 101 With @TargetStyle #MyBeautyByTarget

Strobing 101 With @TargetStyle #MyBeautyByTarget

Consideration was provided by Target

Strobing is super popular and I love to see that highlight on the cheekbones. That dewy look makes everyone look great and it’s easy to do!! While I definitely like a good contour, I love the way strobing pops on your face.

What is strobing?

Highlighting the points on your face where light naturally hits.

I’ve partnered with Target to show you some basic strobing techniques, ideal for non-makeup artists like myself. It’s all about DIY and Target has some of the best affordable brands for highlighters. You can literally do this at home without the skill of a makeup artist.


Where do you apply the highlighter?

The area above the cheekbones is a primary focus. You want that to be highlighted when light hits it. Also down the nose, above the brow bone and the cupids bow. You can also do it under your brow as well.

Let me get into the different types of highlighters and why I like each and how to apply them:

Powder Highlighter

Powder highlighters are, to me, the easiest to use. I picked up the e.l.f. Illuminating Palette, which offers 4 shades of highlighters and bronzers.  If you are only going to use one item to highlight, this is the easiest bet for beginners. You can control this more because it blends very easy and you can always apply more for more intense strobing. You can apply this with your fingers or a brush. Blend in and make sure your cheek bone pops!


Cream Stick Highlighter

Cream stick highlighters are next in line. They glide on super easy. The Sonia Kashuk Highlighter Stick is an affordable highlighter that has a good amount of product. You can just dab or glide it on the areas and then blend out so there are no harsh lines. For an additional pop, add the e.l.f.powder highlighter on top of that.

DSC08634 DSC08687

I tried out the W3ll People Bio Brightening Stick and Invisible Powder as well. This product was super blendable and popped really well.


Liquid Highlighter

Liquid can produce extreme highlighting so you have to be careful with it. I love the NYX Born To Glow Illuminator in Gleam. It is sooo pretty on brown skin. The key to liquid is blending, blending, blending. You have to blend out liquid ASAP or you will see the distinct lines. If you let it sit for too long, it will be nearly impossible to get rid of the harsh lines. Blend upward and around your brow bone. You can apply it with your fingers and then you can blend it with a blush or blender until it gives you a natural looking glow.

DSC08704 DSC08732

Strobing doesn’t take much work and adds that pop that is perfect for the summer! You can easily pick up some great options at Target. Which do you prefer- cream stick, liquid or powder?

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Consideration was provided by Target