Strawllers Review

Strawllers sent me some of their items to review. I received the 3/8″ and the 5/8″ in both 5 inches and 8 inches. If you saw the episode on hair on Tyra, which I’m sure most of you did, the owner of Stawllers was on The Tyra Show talking about his new stylers. I remembered Googling soon after to get information on these items because they were long. Because I have longer hair, it is easier for me to use these. The short rollers you get, when its done drying, it has so much shrinkage because it dried on such short rollers. With these, I figured it would dry still with spiral curls, but more stretched out. It definitely gave me the result I was looking for.


For the first time I chose to use the larger ones- the 5/8in. These were not difficult to use AT ALL. All you need is bobby pins to secure the strawllers. I am starting to get the hang more of roller sets, so it wasn’t hard for me to use these. I sat under the dryer for an hour ( Boy do I need a new dryer, I can’t fit my head in there no matter what type of rollers I have in šŸ™ Ā )

Anyway, I was very pleased with the results. It gave me perfect curls and they were elongated. IĀ separatedĀ them about 2 times per curl to make it bigger since I like big hair.


Even in the humidity, they still stayed nice. I went out and it was super hot, so I pinned my hair hair up in the back to get these results:


I’m going to try the 3/8’s soon. I just wanted to start with the larger ones to get the hang of it. I will also post the results of the smaller ones.

If you want to try them out, you can get these at I have a contest that I will be posting next so be sure to check it out. They will be giving away 3 packs of strawllers.

Thank you so much to Strawllers for sending me these for a review and for sponsoring the contest.