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Straightening Natural Hair Tips #Curly2Straight with Motions &

Straightening Natural Hair Tips #Curly2Straight with  Motions &

In case you  missed this, Taren916 did a live video feed with and Motions  Wednesday night. It was so much fun. Everyone who tuned in saw us in the moment and got a chance to ask questions about how we straighten our hair healthily.

Check out this overview from NaturallyCurly:

What We Learned

1. How often do you straighten, and how long does your hair stay straight when you straighten it?

Post-big chop Taren hardly ever straightens her hair. This year she has straightened it twice and it lasts about one week in the humid heat of the summer. Lexi generally straightens 5 or 6 times per year, and she’s very good at making it last. Lexi’s hair stays straight for up to two weeks! Towards the end of those two weeks she puts her hair in pin curls or bantu knot outs to make it last even longer. She works out regularly, so a week and a half in she puts her hair up it in a ponytail.

2. What technique do you use to flat iron your hair?

When Taren straightens her hair she blow dries it first, and then divides it into very small sections. She then uses the “chase method” where she combs her hair with a fine toothed comb and chases it with the flat iron. Lexi used a really cool comb for this that had the live feed commenting a mile a minute! This technique will mean that you only have to pass the flat iron over the hair once.

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You can check out the video here in case you  missed it. We recorded it. (smh at my dog Bentley interrupting us lol)