Straightened hair with Moroccan Oil

Thanks to my homie SQ, she got me some Moroccan Oil to try. So I finally am straightening my hair so this gave me an opportunity to check it out. (I made a video coming up soon).

The Moroccan Oil definitely made my hair shiny. It kept the frizz down as well. Only time will tell to see how long it stays frizz free and shiny. I like the consistency of the oil as well. It’s more like a serum than like an oil but lightweight. It’s expensive so I am glad I can try out a small bottle to see how it works instead of spending 38 for the full bottle. Plus I don’t straighten my hair alot, therefore it doesn’t benefit me to buy a large bottle.

As far as my hair, my ends probably still need a little trimming 🙁  Other than that, I tried a new method for me of blowdrying (like most do at salons I go to) with a paddle rush and a dryer with a concentrator. I used my FHI dryer and my Hana Elite ceramic iron set on 350 for most and 370 for the front (the highest setting is 450).

I think the key to getting straight hair is to blow dry it as straight as possible, that way when using the ceramic iron, you only have to go through once. I did go through twice in certain areas though.

I plan on setting my hair on hot rollers tomorrow and wearing big curls for the rest of time…and then do a high bun towards the end.