My Straight Hair For The Fall With @DesignEssntials

I was so excited to get my hair straightened after I tried to do it myself and it was a semi-fail lol. When I did it myself, it just wasn’t straight and bouncy. It was rather fluffy. It looked good for 2 hours though lol.

I decided to get my hair professionally straightened. I decided to hit up Aaron Tracey at StarTaki Salon. He had done my hair before and I LOVED the results! He uses Design Essentials products, including Silk Essentials so that was a plus for me. When I used to get my hair straightened frequently, I went to a salon that used Design Essentials products and I always had great results.

Aaron did an amazing job and I was in and out of the salon!


My hair had shine! It had bounce! It looked sooo good! He gave me a trim as well so the ends looked great. It flowed so nicely and I was very pleased.


I am always worried about my hair being damaged in the straightening process as we all should be. I know that there is always a risk of my hair being permanently loosened (or completely straight) due to color and heat. Well since I have extremely light colored hair, I know that it’s a true risk when getting my hair straightened.

I am happy to say my hair completely reverted!!! I was so happy!! As soon as I washed it, all my curls and coils reverted back to normal 🙂

I love the thought of being able to switch it back and forth. I am looking to do straight styles more during this Fall and Winter. I will definitely be going back and rocking this cute straight look.

If you live in Atlanta, check our Aaron Tracey! He is great at natural styles and straight styles.


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