Straight Hair, Don’t Care

My hair is getting long and I must cut it lol. Surprisingly , my hair isn’t as bad off as I thought it would be from all of the coloring. I had a hiccup last week when I used the ShimmerLighta purple shampoo to get out the brassiness of my newly colored roots… well, I left it on too long and my hair was lavender …. after 10 washes. My sorority sister told me to mix 20 Developer with neutralizing shampoo and leave it on for about 5-10 mins. It worked thank God. 

The next morning, I got my hair straightened at a new salon to me. They used marcel irons and I am soooo afraid of them. Everytime I have had someone use them on my hair, it never goes back coily and curly 🙁 We’ll see how this time is. 

Even though she styled it straight, for my sorority’s luncheon the next day, I decided to do some curls and give it some body in case my hair got frizzy. It’s easier to hide frizz if it has body versus completely straight. 

4 days later, I went back to straighten out the big curls and add a slight bump to it. (by me wrapping my hair at night, I didn’t have to put much heat on it)

I’m actually going to still cut my hair. When you have an undercut, the grow out process is really awkward so I have a weird mushroom thing (but not in a cute mushroom cut sort of way). It’s long at the top and the back and the sides are maybe 2 inches. I want the cut to flow so I will get it cut soon so it can flow better 🙂