Staying Fierce -Sponsored by Motions

How do I stay fierce without compromising myself? That’s easy. Everything I do, I try to do with confidence. Having the confidence in yourself helps you stay fierce in anything you do. Being fierce can involve your attitude, your style, your hair, etc… If you know you’re fierce,everyone else will know it too.

Stay within your range but don’t be afraid to step outside a little bit. Sometimes when you step too far outside of your comfort zone, you lose yourself a little bit.

When looking for hair styling options, look to someone who has a style you want to exude. But make sure you aren’t trying to be that person. You just want a little inspiration. Like Tracee Ellis Ross for example, I look to her for inspiration but try to add my own spin to it.

Love yourself!! Make sure you always feel comfortable in every decision you make 🙂

Do you remember the Motions contest I posted? Well, the winners were flown to NY and they created videos about how they stay fierce! I can’t wait to check them out when they are available. How do you stay fierce without compromising yourself?


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