Starting a Natural Hair Youtube Channel

There is sooo much I want to share about starting a blog and/or videos for natural hair.

In fact, I would love for people that are local to Atlanta and interested in doing either, to join me in a group discussion sometime within the next month or so.

But for anyone else that is interested, I have a few tips.


  • If you are doing your BC, start with that as the video. This gets people involved with you and they can feel apart of your channel and apart of your journey
  • Some people say, they’re going to wait until my hair gets a certain length before I start…the public wants to see your growth so I would suggest starting videos sooner rather than later. The videos that get ALOT of hits are the ones right after BCs or the ones with TWA’s because that is the time when people are nervous and look at tons of videos.
  • HAVE ASPIRATIONS OF BEING A YOUTUBE PARTNER….I know, it always starts as a hobby, but why not make money off of it if you can (You know how some YTers post 2 and 3 videos daily, well thats because they get paid for all the hits lol) If you make videos frequently…at least once or twice a week and your subscriber list is growing, You can be a Youtube Partner. You have to apply for the program once you have been doing it for a little bit. With that said, use ROYALTY FREE music starting off. You don’t want to be like me and my highest rated/hits video have music on it so I CANNOT get paid for it. Start off on the right track. Its cool to make extra money for something you love doing 🙂
  • Make sure your videos are clear and not too dark. I see videos that people post and you can’t even see their hair or face…why even post a video like that? Make sure there are some lights on…we can’t see you with just the light of the TV.
  • Invest in a camera or use your webcam. Some webcams are actually pretty clear…Or you can get a Flip HD Camera and also most digital cameras have a video setting too. I have even seen iPhone video’s look good.
  • Stay consistent…skipping out for months at a time doesn’t get subscribers or alot of hits.
  • You can learn simple programs such as Windows Movie Maker (if you have a PC) or iMovie if you have a Mac. They come standard on your computer and are pretty user friendly..especially Windows Movie Maker. Just watch a few tutorials on Youtube on how to edit.
  • Be true to your audience- Give your honest opinions about products but don’t dog out companies…You don’t want to get a bad reputation because you are blasting a company because their products didn’t make your grow or make your curls pop…There is a great way to say , “I didn’t like it for me, but maybe someone else likes it” rather then “I hate this product. Don’t spend ANY money on it!”

That’s all I can think of for now. Any questions, let me know.