Spring/Summer Buffalo Exchange Haul

Spring/Summer Buffalo Exchange Haul


I have been a Buffalo Exchange fan for a couple of years now. When I would go to NY and stay with my friend Chris in Brooklyn, he told me about this awesome place. I headed on the train to the Williamsburg area of Brooklyn and I have been hooked ever since.

A year or so ago I was so happy to learn that they were opening an Atlanta location. Since they have opened I have been there tons of times. Firstly, if you aren’t familiar with Buffalo Exchange, they buy and sell gently used clothes. I have made hundreds of dollars from selling my gently used items there. Also they give you even more money back if you opt in for a store credit versus cash. Sometimes I take cash, other times I take $$.

I’ve never been in there and NOT found something. The thing I like about BE is that its not your everyday items. Sure they have some designer brands and Old Navy/Forever21/H&M..but I don’t go there for those items. I go for the boutique items that no one else will have.

I pulled this dress from the maxi dress/jumpsuit section and when I got in the fitting room I realized it wasn’t a dress. It was similar to a harem style jumpsuit! Jessica from was with me and she encouraged me to get it. ┬áIt felt absolutely amazing on and I am all about comfort while trying to be fashionable (keyword: trying lol).



(I am obsessed with these faux snakeskin ShoeDazzle Jordana gladiator sandals)


In addition to this super comfy jumpsuit, I also got a dope t-shirt, a tribal bandeau, a super cute floral print dress and a white shirt-dress. The white dress still had tags on it so it was probably unworn. I didn’t spend more than $20 per item.

FullSizeRender-5IMG_92952 FullSizeRender-6

Everything fit so cute and I wanted sooo much more but decided to save some money lol.

The good thing is though, if you don’t want to spend ANY money on a new wardrobe, take your gently used wardrobe there, get an in-store credit and buy up!! If you sell the right things, you can get a pretty good amount of clothes for the price. The time before last when I took a large amount there, I got over $100 in store credit so I was able to really rack up.

Alot of times the items I like are a little more pricey than I want to pay, but you can get plenty of stuff for the $7-14 range…and CUTE stuf!!

Definitely check out your local Buffalo Exchange!