Spin Pins= Success

Yeaahh!! I finally got a chance to check out my spin pins. I love it! Here is my bun. I had to use a pony tail holder though because my hair is layered so even though I could get it in a bun with the spin pins, it was just too sloppy since I had some curls sticking out , etc. I used Goody pony tail holders and then split the hair into two sections, top and bottom. I took each rolled it to tuck the ends in. I used a spin pin to secure the top and one to secure the bottom. BTW- It comes with 2 spin pins.

I tried to take more pics but I hate taking pics of myself when everyone is staring at you lol. (It was hundreds of people outside for a graduation). Here is a pic today (please excuse my hair- it isn’t smooth anymore after sleeping on it):


Up next, I am going to attempt a roller set. I tried about 3 years ago and said- Well, Roller sets just aren’t for me. I can do it at a salon but ME at home….I don’t think so. Well I was watching ChiselleCouture’s vid of her rollerset and it seemed much easier with the snap on magnetic rollers instead of the standard magnetic rollers with bobby pins- that was a no go for me. I will do a video on my rollerset- Winning or Failed look lol.