Speaking of Curly-ist… My top weird comments/?’s

After watching Shannon’s funny video about Curly-ist (lol), I decided to share some of the things I have come across. What type of weird comments/questions do you get that make NO sense at all? lol

Here are some I get the most:

  • “How do you comb your hair?” or  “Whew!! I know your mama hated combing your hair when you were little!” or “I know it takes you forever to comb your hair?!”  (does this really need an answer or comment…seriously?)
  • From Caucasians – “Your hair is so crazy!” (with a smile on their face)  ….Now, just to be clear, If a black person said this- I would be totally offended that my hair is “crazy”…but I know that when I get the thumbs up with the comment or a “It’s so cool” at the end , I know they meant it as a compliment—- still weird though…
  • “Who knew your hair could get so nappy?”  —Well, I personally don’t care for the word “Nappy” (Yes, I know! I have those “I Love My Nappy Hair” earrings) but I don’t really know how to respond to that…
  • Them-“How does your hair get curly?”  Me- “I wash it”  Them- “So when you wet your hair, it looks like that?”   Me: “Yes!!” and on and on and on ….I know everyone gets that question with the ongoing questions as if you are lying lol
  • At the Dominican shops, them talking about my hair in Spanish. Newsflash- I know a little spanish so I know when you are talking about mi pelo. I may not know all of what you are saying…but the tone in your voice and the arguing with the Shampooist who has hair like mine, it’s obvious she is defending my hair and you are talking bad about my hair- be a little more slick with it. Everyone knows a little spanish…
  • Like Shannon said in her video (Previous post) , getting compliments more with my hair straight. I’m wondering if we get that because we wear our hair curly more. I wonder if I wore my hair straight the majority of the time if I would get more/better compliments when I wear  my hair curly. I totally get the “I love your hair straight. You should wear it like that more often 😉 ” all the time. It doesn’t necessarily bother me because it is their preference, however, Damn- Do I look a hot mess with my hair curly or something?
  • Wanting to touch in hair-Apparently having curly hair isn’t normal (being facetious) so since its an “oddity” people want to put their fingers in it. I guess they are wondering “What does it feel like?”  “It looks really big and dense, I wonder if my fingers will get stuck?” I don’t know what their expectations are when someone touches in someone’s hair. Are you expecting it to feel like concrete, feathers, cotton, sand paper?
  • The “UH-UH!!! I could never go natural” with the horrible face attached as if having natural hair=the plague. But then they try to fix it when they realize they are really playing you “Well, you are different. Your hair looks nice”….What??

These are just some comments and questions that popped up. I don’t take any offense to anything because I realize alot of people just don’t know anything lol. Actually, it is quite amusing to me when people make silly comments. They don’t know any better and it isn’t my job to teach them.

What are some amusing or weird comments/questions you get about your hair?


curly comments!

  • Cristine

    I get the last three ALL THE TIME! I’ve worn my hair in the doobie for the first 3 years I was in college. So my senior year, I started wearing my hair in more curly/natural styles at school [PWI] & my white friends, peers, & coworkers LOVE IT. like.. LOVE. the only problem with that is they want to TOUCH.
    That last one .. ugh. that’s ALL of my friends. it’s just annoying.

    I guess the funniest thing anyone has said to me usually comes when I wear my hair in a twist out/flat twist out. My white friends are always like “I love when you wear your hair up!! It’s so cute!” So I guess if my hair isn’t straight swinging by my shoulder, it’s “up” lol

  • Camille

    Got some blood work done recently. Lady actually said to me, ” I LOVE your hair….pause..IS THAT A HAIRPIECE?’. Not “is that a wig” or “is that a weave?” I would’ve given her side-eye if she had asked either of those however HAIRPIECE??? when I told her no, she responded, Oh, your curls just look perfectly round, like you have on a hairpiece.” SMH

  • I swear you and that dang word! “nappy” lol! i have a problem with ppl saying my hair is coarse and i agree with you when ppl touch my hair too, this is my hair not a “stick-o-brauw bush” lol I mean people dont HAVE to act so damn surprised that natural hair is soft!
    We dont need to lie about our hair curling it natural that’s what it does, it curls….NATURALLY!

  • LadyDreadHead

    I have dreadlocks that are down to my butt. I get “Wow! If you took those down, your hair would be really long!” I repeatedly explain with excruciating patience that I cannot “take down” dreadlocks.

  • I get, wow your natural? no relaxer? oh you have “good” hair!! My inner voice is screaming ALL HAIR IS GOOD!! It’s up to you to be GOOD to what you have!!!