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SPANX Open Bust Bodysuit + SPANX Tights Review

SPANX Open Bust Bodysuit + SPANX Tights Review

I was perusing one of my new favorite fashion bloggers and saw her rave about Spanx tights. To be honest, I was never a huge Spanx fan before. I didn’t think they really worked but I later found out that I got the wrong size…smh…so that’s why it wasn’t sucking me in lol.

So last year, I decided to try Spanx out again and ordered their Shimmer & Shine Open Bust Bodysuit. I decided to do that one because I don’t like anything on my thighs really- especially something compressed. My biggest concern is my back fat and my stomach so this is perfect for me to smooth out my back and tummy. It works wonders and is amazing! It completely does the job and is undetectable through your clothes 🙂  It has a quick snap feature at the crotch too which make it super easy to go to the bathroom.

Later on in the year as it started to get chilly, I decided to take’s recommendation and purchase some Spanx Tights. I ended up purchasing 3 pair before even trying one pair! lol The main reason is because I got them on sale at and Win-Win for me and I knew they wouldn’t be horrible so I took the plunge.

OMG! These tights are AMAZING! I purchased the SPANX in Tight-End Tights High Waisted in Black, and SPANX Tight-End Tights Original Shaping Tights in Brown and a Black Patterned pair.

Firstly let’s talk about the shapewear portion. I especially love the High-Waisted ones because they suck you in and smooth your back out and it goes up to your bra. I didn’t have too much trouble with it rolling down. The key is to make sure it lays flat and is on properly before heading out the house so you don’t have to adjust in public.

The Fit– They are super quality and you can tell they wouldn’t tear easily- however I was still gentle with them. They are the perfect thickness.

Are They For The Cold?– Absolutely!! I was totally surprised that everytime I have been out this year in 20-30 degree weather, I couldn’t feel any of the cold or super serious wind! It was crazy. I was literally shocked like, “Wow! My legs aren’t cold” (Everything else on me was another story lol). So if you are looking for tights that keep your legs from freezing, these are definitely it!

I give Spanx Tights an A+ for sucking me in, being super quality, and keeping me warm at night.

Check out some of my favorite SPANX tights below and browse through: