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Sovereign Brands x Rick Ross Host Summer Fest At His Palace

Sovereign Brands x Rick Ross Host Summer Fest At His Palace

I think this is the first event I have been to this year. Events are back– or were back. My boy Alejandro gave me his plus 1 to get into the hottest event of the summer— The Sovereign Brand hosted an epic outdoor party at Rick Ross’ house near me.

Rick Ross works with them and shouts out Belaire (Rosé) a lot which is their most popular brands along with: Villion (cognac), Bumbu (rum), and McQueen and the Violet Fog (gin). I am a Belaire fan and actually just had a bottle recently at brunch.

I was super excited to be back at the house as I had been there for events before + when Evander Holyfield owned it, I worked on BET’s The Game and we filmed there quite frequently.

The attire for the event was blue to represent the newest limited edition item Bleu Belaire.

I spent entirely too much time trying to find a blue outfit even though I had so much at home (I’m going to be returning several outfits lol) I landed on a mix of something old and something new.

Check out my recap video:

rick ross house summer fest sovereign party belaire bleu

This was an awesome event- the ambiance and crowd definitely created a beautiful time. The guestlist included some media, liquor store owners, distributors and more for a well-rounded group.

I think I pretty much tried all of the brands while there with their delicious cocktails that were constantly flowing and icy drinks as well. You can’t have all of that alcohol without food. The food did not disappoint at all. I had a ton of veggie options like fried green tomato sliders and cauliflower. As a responsible brand, they kept a ton of water around because it was in the 90’s and we were outside.

This made me excited to get home and mix up some cocktails with their drinks. I am excited!! Maybe I should host a dinner party hmmm!

Thank you Sovereign Brand for a great time!