Sorry for my lack of posts

I had a music video job over the weekend ( I will NEVER EVER do another music video again) and worked 21 hours straight- on my feet. And then I got a new job immediately after. The new job is super awesome. I’m working on the set of “The Game” so it is alot of fun and a dream job because this is definitely one of my favorite shows. I will post this weekend. I have been doing different things with my hair now…I tried Hair Rules Kinky Curling Cream on wet hair and I really liked it. I got alot of compliments..

Oh, also, I ran into- and now work on the set with- Kim Kimble of Kimble Haircare Systems and the famous hair stylist who does several celebs including Beyonce. You can check out her blog here. You can get her products at Target too by the way.

So soon I have reviews coming up for Hair Rules Kinky Curly Cream, several Quidad products, Phyto Specific products, Carol’s Daughter, Oyin Handmade and more goodies I recently received…. I will try to do 2 this weekend.

Again…sorry for the delay.