Solange Talks Prints In Instyle Magazine

I always get excited when I see cool pics of Solange so one of my co-workers showed me all these cool pics in her Instyle Mag of Solange and I realized I had the issue at home but hadn’t cracked it open yet. So to my surprise, a wonderful fashion spread on Solange.

She talks about her individual sense of style which to me is cool and eclectic.

The article is entitled “It’s All In The Mix”. Solange says:

“Whether it’s eyelets, knits, or florals, I always enjoy playing around with texture and pattern. I like contrast.”

I’m loving her mix of prints and the way her hair is shaped. She is such a chameleon with her hair but I have seen it like this from time to time. It’s kinda Grace Jones-ish!

My absolute favorite trend that she wears is tribal print anything! Whether it is a skirt, top, or dress, etc… I love that tribal look.

My next fav would be jumpsuits which I literally go through ebay all the time looking for cool vintage jumpsuits in my size. It’s a task because vintage sizes fit so differently.

Very cute spread! Loving her style as usual!

What are your favorite types of prints?