Solange Talks Fashion & Hair in Lurve Mag + Pics

Solange Talks Fashion & Hair in Lurve Mag + Pics

Solange is back with a new music video (just a snippit) and new magazine interview. Everyone knows that Solange is pretty much known as a fashionista and naturalista. She is in the latest Lurve magazine and talks hair and fashion

Solange talks her departure from Carol’s Daughter:

I’m actually no longer a part of Carol’s Daughter, but throughout my entire time working with them, I was constantly fighting for the right message to be heard: the way we wear our hair is a personal choice, there’s no right or wrong way; one way doesn’t make us more intelligent, or more superficial, and everyone makes that choice for very different reasons.”

I feel her on letting go of something if she doesn’t feel like the message she wants to portray is getting out there, however, I feel like Carol’s Daughter is one of those brands that doesn’t focus on one hair type- they have products for relaxed hair, natural hair, locs, etc… I’m really surprised that her views weren’t aligned with Carol’s Daughter’s views of not promoting one hair over another. ( In fact I asked Lisa Price a question one time about natural hair and she quickly said, “ALL HAIR…” to not leave out all hair types) I am glad that they decided to part ways only because it seems counterproductive for one to be an ambassador for a hair brand if hair isn’t that important to them as she stated.

I kinda wish she would’ve continued and spread her message though.  On the other hand, other celebrities like Tracee Ellis Ross and Tanika Ray talk about loving YOUR hair and not comparing it to others and to not make it so deep. So we still have that inspiration and getting that important message across.

On her not wanting the hair attention:

I’m really trying to navigate my feelings on the entire hair issue and it’s tough doing that publicly. On one hand, I can’t ignore the fact that I have done things that have put attention on my hair with going on Oprah and being a part of Carol’s Daughter.

Regardless of how she feels, I still personally love her hair versatility and style. Even though I may not agree with all of her feelings as far as her not caring about hair, I couldn’t imagine being put a on pedestal and have thousands making mean comments about my hair daily. She had alot of criticism about her hair, but she also got a TON of love for her hair. But sometimes, negativity wins and it hurts you more even though you have so many positive comments. I’m sure the positive outweighed the negative, but…she has a right to feel the way she does.

On her Twitter rant:

“This is really kind of crazy…that these people know more about my hair than the human that even carries it!” I went to my Twitter and sort of impulsively expressed that. I don’t regret it one bit but sometimes trying to put how you feel in an one-hundred forty character structure is not very successful. It sometimes comes off as ranty and aggressive, and that was not my stance at all.

Yeah..Twitter is always the wrong place for speaking about something you are passionate about. It never comes out right and people misinterpret you. Sometimes Twitter makes you say things you wouldn’t normally say too. It’s funny because before reading this quote, I never understood how Solange could say she doesn’t care about hair. I don’t understand how someone who changes their hair very frequently from long to short, to tightly coiled, to loosely coiled, to braids—doesn’t care about hair. Most people that don’t care about hair keep it closely shaven lol. But, like she stated in this article, her stating her stance on Twitter wasn’t very successful in communicating how she really felt.


What do you think about her thoughts?

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