Solange Spotting: Christian Louboutin 20th Anniversary

If there is a big fashion event, then you know Fashionista (and Naturalista) Solange will be around.

Whether its just as a guest or spinning new music on the turntables, Solange will be there looking fab like usual.

I really love her in Orange…This is definitely her color!


Solange and Christian Louboutin–OMG I tried on a pair of my friend’s Louboutin’s and I was like who the hell can actually wear these all day?!?! I just walked like 10 feet in the them and I was stumbling lol. They were waaayyy too high for me… Maybe if they have some 4 inches WITH a platform.




Loving her earrings and the blue accents on her necklace!

Until next time….