Sofn’free GroHealthy Now Sells 16 oz Really Deep Conditioning Treatment

Sofn’free GroHealthy now sells their best selling deep conditioner that was in the single application pouch (If you came to Curly Girls Rock, we gave alot of them out)in a 16 oz tub!! This is perfect for people like me who have alot of hair who may need a little extra at times.. I am a big fan of their deep conditioner. As we know, I have consistently tangled hair that is colored so I have to pay more attention and really protect my hair.

They have great ingredients too. The key ingredients are Milk Protein (strengthen hair), Olive Oil (shine & repair damage), and Omega-3 (protects hair from within).

I  love that they share the different uses for it:

Use #1 Deep Conditioner

Use #2 Co-Wash

Use #3 Instant Conditioner

Use #4 Partial Leave-in Treatment

Have you tried Sofn’Free products? If so, what are your favorite products?