Sofn’ Free Tutorial Vids: How to care for Natural Hair and more…

Remember when I posted that Sofn’Free was looking for hair models?  Well, I hope you applied. Sofn’ Free has selected some lovely natural hair models from Atlanta to provide how-to videos on their YouTube.

You can choose from the following videos:  How to Transition-The Big Chop,    How To Care, Style and Maintain Natural Hair,  How to Repair Chemically Damaged Hair,    How to Choose and Care For Hair Extensions, How to Transition to Natural Hair, and How To Repair Mechanical Damage.

Check out these 2 videos:

How To Care, Style, and Maintain Natural Hair

How to Transition To Natural Hair


curly comments!

  • Thanks so much, Lexi, for sharing our videos with all the beautiful curls, coils and kinks who read your blog. We had lots of fun taping the segments, loved spending time at GlamBar, and think our models turned out happy and gorgeous.