So I Changed My URL…

So I Changed My URL…

Why? Because people had a hard time finding it.

1) “Is it Curls, Kinks, Coils…Kinks, Coils, Curls”. I was missing out on readers looking for my site name.

2) Most people refer to me as LexiWithTheCurls because they know me from Youtube. All of you who were just introduced to me recently may refer to me as CurlyGirlLexi from Twitter. The only reason I wasn’t able to use LexiWithTheCurls is because I was one letter too short for their character allotment. I felt LexiWithTheCurl without an “s” on the end sounds like a jherri curl lol.

3) I just needed/wanted to stay consistent

4) Originally I didn’t go with because I didn’t want the site to be just about me. But….since I mostly talk about my hair and what I try and the events I go to…I might as well. I pretty much post things that I love, hair that I love and products that I love.

I hope you continue to stay with me throughout this change. If you forget the new URL, don’t worry. It will be automatically redirected to me my site.

Thanks 🙂