My Skin Revelation + MURAD Skin Smoothing Polish Review

My Skin Revelation + MURAD Skin Smoothing Polish Review


Okay now that I have turned 30, I pay more attention to my skin. I used to look at Anti-Aging products and throw them out like “I don’t need that! I’m in my 20’s”…but the truth is, you should always use them. And I wasn’t really taking good care of my skin period!

Now that I care more about my skin (and most importantly, the future of my skin), I make sure to use products that are really cleansing. When I was in my 20’s, I didn’t wear makeup much but maybe once every 2 weeks. Now, I am wearing makeup more frequently which means I have to deep clean my face. Just my cleansing makeup remover wipes aren’t going to cut it. After that, I need to scrub and polish my skin. Of course I want to make sure it isn’t anything too harsh!

Right now I have been using the Murad Skin Smoothing Polish which is a cleanser you can use to clear your pores since makeup and normal everyday dirt clog up your pores.

skin polishing

I have been using this for about 3 weeks now and my skin is definitely smoother and I haven’t broken out at all. Also, my skin isn’t oily on my t-zone like usual. It exfoliates my skin without being harsh and feeling like I’m scrubbing my skin off like some brands do! As you can see from the image above, the granules are very small so it gently exfoliates.

I am trying multiple products from the line and will update you all with the new ones!

*I am a member of Murad’s Ambassador Program in which I receive products or samples. These are all my own opinions based on my experiences with the products.