#SILYMI Today’s @WendyWilliams Hot Topics: Usher’s Secret Wedding

#SILYMI Today’s @WendyWilliams Hot Topics: Usher’s Secret Wedding

I have been watching The Wendy Williams Show since the very first episode when they were testing it. I instantly fell in love with the show. Of course being in the entertainment industry, I was very familiar with Wendy Williams prior to her television show so I love to see her transition and growth!

My mom is even hooked on the show. We love her approach to celebrity gossip and I happen to loooooveee celebrity gossip ( I work for a celebrity news site lol).  Hot Topics is my favorite part of the show!!

Today she talked about Usher and Grace’s secret wedding. I am totally here for his secret wedding! Even though I love celebrity gossip, I love when they can pull one over our heads and trick us! Everyone was waiting around to see the invitation or to see pics and we didn’t find out until weeks later!

I’m totally surprised that none of the celebs in attendance or that knew told anyone!! Celebrities are picking their friends more wisely I see lol! Congrats to Usher and Grace!

Check out the recap…oh and my own personal intro to my readers from Wendy!

Thanks to The Wendy Williams Show!!