Sew In Update- Dyed Extensions

So this past week I wore my hair in a bun because of the color difference. With my hair being so light, to me it was too much of a difference and I personally didn’t feel comfortable with my hair down.

So yesterday I finally had the time to dye the hair. It took awhile to get it the desired color, but it got there!!! I used Dark & Lovely again  in Light Golden Brown- my go to hair color and also what I use on my roots for my hair.

So here it goes. I think its a great match. I do have those platinum blonde highlights though which is okay. It looks MUCH better and blends nicely.

Can you see where my hair stops and starts?? Hopefully the answer is no!!! lol

After I dyed the hair, I then washed my leave out to blow out and straighten. Now I can wear it out and free!!!! 🙂 Oh!! But I do need to get it cut still. Get some nice layers starting with my actual hair being the first layer.

Nevermind my one brown eyebrow and one dark eyebrow… I was testing out a brow tint that I got from the beauty supply store so I don’t have to bleach my eyebrows. I used to use the eyebrow bleach kit for only a couple of minutes until it lightens just a tad so they aren’t so dark compared to my hair color.

Anyway, enough about that. I think I did a good job on dying the hair. I had to leave on much longer than I wanted to..but I wanted the desired color. And since it’s not my hair….it wasn’t that big of a deal lol.

I will be updating with different styles I do during my protective style for the month.

Any protective styling going on for you for the Spring?? Please share!