Seeking naturals from outside of the US for upcoming stories

Hi Ladies,

I am seeking ladies from outside of the US for upcoming stories about being natural in different parts of the world.

I realize different countries are at different stages of acceptance of natural hair or maybe natural hair is really big in your country. I want to hear your stories!!

Whenever I glance through my analytics I am sooo happy to see that there are people from all over the world who view my blog. I think this is absolutely amazing!! The UK is my second highest country of viewers right after the US… (I love the UK. I have been once before and had a blast and I hope to go back soon.) All of the countries on my list of viewers is so exciting to me and I really appreciate it.

Please send me your stories of anything—your natural hair journey, the natural hair community in your country, natural hair events, natural hair celebrity inspirations from your country,  the state of natural hair in your country, ANYTHING! I just want to hear from ladies around the world and post your stories.

I hope to hear from you all. E-mail me at Lexi@curlscoilsandkinks(dot)com  <–Exchange the (dot) for ” .”

Don’t forget to send pics!!