Scissor Happy Stylist/Dusting

I hear so many ladies talk about hair length when it comes to being natural. It is harder to see our growth when you are natural because your hair shrinks up. Don’t worry. Your hair is growing. The key to retaining hair length is to keep your hair healthy. If you have NO breakage, then you DON’T have to trim. Those stylist that tell you to trim every 6 weeks…Why? How do you know every 6 weeks, your hair will have damaged ends needing to be cut?  For some reason it’s stuck in a lot of stylists head to trim every 6 weeks. You will never retain any length that way. Hypothetically, if your hair grew a half an inch a month, and you get a half an inch trimmed, you would never retained any growth.

You should look into “dusting” Dusting is trimming just those hairs that you see splitting or damaged. I can look at a section of my hair and see a couple of split ends. I would be upset if I trimmed 400 strands and only 5 of those strands have split ends.  Dusting is good for naturals!

Btw, I hope you ladies know that “trimming your hair makes your hair grow” is a MYTH! We all know this, right?