Scalp Soother Review- For Extensions, Braids, Etc…

Scalp Soother Review- For Extensions, Braids, Etc…

OMG! My scalp has been ITCHING like no other. And I typically don’t care…I will dig in there and scratch…sometimes until I am bleeding 🙁 . That is totally not good. It just itches so bad with the extensions in that I can’t do the patting my head thing. One thing I don’t do is use the end of a rattail toothed comb. That end is waayyy too sharp!

I found out about a comb called the Scalp Soother and boy is that name dead on for this amazing tool. I’m using it as we speak.

This comb is so cool. It doesn’t have sharp teeth. It doesn’t rip my net or mess up my cornrows underneath, and its curved so it goes with the shape of your head. I just stick it in and slowly get it through the braids and then go to town. I don’t have to do it vigorously or anything. It feels amazing with the first touch on the scalp.

I can’t even write how amazing this works, so I decided to do a video!

[videofyme id=”621640″]

Best of all, this is only $10 and includes free shipping! Great price. You can purchase it here Luxe Therapy Scalp Soother