“Save Your Do” Gym Wrap By Nicole Ari Parker

I was listening to my cousin’s radio show this morning in Atlanta and I heard Nicole Ari Parker on there. She was talking about her issues with getting her hair blown out and not wanting to sweat for a week to preserve her hairstyle lol. This happens all too much, and all jokes aside, this has been a huge problem in our community. I hear so many women say they don’t want to work out because they don’t want to mess up their hair. This can create alot of health problems. (Speaking of, I need to work out–but my excuse is not my hair at all)

So, this leads me to Nicole Ari Parker’s creation-  Save Your Do Gymwrap by Nicole Ari Parker (<—— Everyone is having a hard time finding the link. It’s right there. Click the link and it will take you to the website) She created a fashionable way to keep your hair dry, while being able to work out. Her patent pending invention has multiple layers so it keeps your head cool while you sweat which in turn, keeps your hair from being drenched when you are done.

The wrap is between $24-29 but if you “Like” them on Facebook, you get $5 off. Spread the word about this! This may help Black women feel more comfortable about working out.


curly comments!

  • Deanna Barber

    Hi nicole, I am interested in purchasing some of these do wraps. Me and my girls always work out and when were done our hair is a disaster. I am so glad that you have designed a product that will still keep our do in tact, BIG THANKS!!

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Deanna, You should tweet her Deanna or check out her site saveyourdo.com

  • I heard this too! Lucky for me, I don’t sweat in my head. I just need to get to the gym!

  • Lauren

    Im natural and still workout even though I hate the feeling of sweat drenched hair. My head sweats sooo much, I wonder if this will work for me.

  • chandre

    I checked this out on @saveyourdo pretty nice invention, I just don’t go to the gym no more simply coz my hair endup one big wet frizzy mess when I’m done.. I’m in s.a how do I get my hands on em?

  • Dedee

    I sweat in my head day and night and I wear my hair in the wrap style. When working out and by the time I’m through, my hair is ringing wet. Which Gymwrap should I purchase?

  • Oleta Stevenson

    How can I purchase this item?

  • none of yourbusiness

    It is silly to talk about this great product without giving a clue as to where it can be bought.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    LOL the link is in the post. Links are typically in lighter color on websites. It is right there on the top. You have to click on it and it will take you to the website.

  • Roq

    I decided to test this thing http://youtu.be/8SCo1jiqcRk I can’t really say it worked for me. I have natural hair and I tested it to see if it would do better at preserving the style than wearing nothing on my head at all.

    The product test: http://youtu.be/8SCo1jiqcRk

  • Zerfe

    Why is your head wrap so expensive. If it is not totally capable of protecting my hair from sweat during exercise, it is not worth it.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Hi everyone. This is not my brand. I never implied this was my brand so I am unsure why I am getting several emails asking me about their orders, etc. I said that the actress Nicole Ari Parker created this brand and is selling it. I have nothing to do with this brand. You can order from her company at the website I posted above. I have nothing to do with your order at all or the pricing or anything else. I only post about new brands.

  • Viola Holder

    I saw Nicole Ari Parker on Wendy Show and she talked about this item. I ordered it several weeks
    ago. Have not heard from anyone regarding the order. Please get it together before you advertise
    in the future.

  • LexiWithTheCurls

    Sorry you had this problem. This blog/site is not affiliated with Save Your Do or Nicole Ari Parker. I just talk about new products I hear about. Sorry some of you have been having issues. Please reach out to the company and let them know your concerns.

  • Nik B

    I heard this is a good product. Lexis I do hope that your fans understand that this is not your product…it is Nicole’s. Thanks for sharing sweetie!