“Save Your Do” Gym Wrap By Nicole Ari Parker

I was listening to my cousin’s radio show this morning in Atlanta and I heard Nicole Ari Parker on there. She was talking about her issues with getting her hair blown out and not wanting to sweat for a week to preserve her hairstyle lol. This happens all too much, and all jokes aside, this has been a huge problem in our community. I hear so many women say they don’t want to work out because they don’t want to mess up their hair. This can create alot of health problems. (Speaking of, I need to work out–but my excuse is not my hair at all)

So, this leads me to Nicole Ari Parker’s creation-  Save Your Do Gymwrap by Nicole Ari Parker (<—— Everyone is having a hard time finding the link. It’s right there. Click the link and it will take you to the website) She created a fashionable way to keep your hair dry, while being able to work out. Her patent pending invention has multiple layers so it keeps your head cool while you sweat which in turn, keeps your hair from being drenched when you are done.

The wrap is between $24-29 but if you “Like” them on Facebook, you get $5 off. Spread the word about this! This may help Black women feel more comfortable about working out.