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I am always looking for cute, inexpensive clothes. I don’t have a ton of money to constantly buy new clothes, but when I do buy new clothes- I go for deals. I’ve been to several times and always get really cute stuff for a great price.

My last time, I searched for items that would be great for Fall/Winter. I thought this Olive Batwing Sleeve Loose Dress would be a perfect addition to my Fall clothing. Since I’m tall, this definitely isn’t a dress on me but it was perfect for leggings. The quality was really good and exceeded my expectations based on the price. ($7.54)

I also wanted a maxi with long sleeves for the Fall. I figured I can belt it and wear booties with it:


I also ordered a cute beanie that is no longer available, but I got these 3 items for $18!!!

Ordering from

  • Pay attention to the sizing and measurements. Anytime you order anything overseas, check the sizing. It is not like normal sizing. Also, make sure you change their Size Chart to Inches instead of Centimeters. Because I always compare with their chart, I never have a problem with anything being too small.
  • When you find an item you like, check out the reviews. See what people are saying about the length, etc.. I personally love to see pictures of people wearing the items and I love that SammyDress offers this section. This provides some fashion inspiration and gives you an idea of what the item looks like. Also, for someone like me who is top heavy, I find it helpful to look at people who are shaped similar to me so see how it would fit me.
  • It can get overwhelming because they are SO many items to choose from . I also check on the WHAT’S NEW tab or I look for something specific by narrowing it down. Otherwise you will be looking through clothes FOREVER lol.

I hope you find these tips helpful for shopping on


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