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Sam Fine Makeup Class in Atlanta Recap


I had an amazing time at Sam Fine’s makeup class in Atlanta held by Haute Travels.

I am so happy I won a ticket because I really wanted to go. This is my 2nd time attending a Sam Fine event.

He allowed a lengthy time for us to ask questions. He thoroughly answered each question or talked it out with the person who asked the question so they could figure it out and provide the answer. He is super funny and witty and is WONDERFUL in his class.

While the majority of the people there were makeup artists, there were several of us who just wanted to learn about makeup! He was helpful to the needs of us who weren’t trying to do this for a living. He was able to help both the professional and the novice by not making the other upset.

There were several bloggers there too. Mae of, Alex of, and Ren of ( I was sooo excited to meet her. I have been watching her vids for years!).

Here is the awesome Sam Fine and his model Connie

He did half of her face and used various brands like Black Opal, Iman, YSL, etc…a huge variety as you can tell.

Some people asked me to share what I learned. Here is the information that really stood out to me:

  • If you are  a deeper complexion, use an eyeshadow as a bronzer if you can’t find a deep enough bronzer.
  • Concealer needs to be lighter than you and it should relate to your complexion. (being lighter isn’t enough)
  • Most challenges are with your technique and NOT the makeup
  • Use more coverage in the center of your face because thats where your complexion is more uneven.
  • Take 2 ply tissue and blot under your eye after you have put on concealer and foundation.
  • You’re not a blank canvas (as in a white wall), the color of the product will never look like that on your skin. For example, a bright orange blush will not look the same color on your skin.
  • If you wear eyeglasses, first he recommends choosing the right frames. Liner and mascara is great for women that wear glasses ( :sigh: I always have these issues when I wear my glasses. I don’t want to wear makeup because I feel like my glasses will cover everything)
  • Eyebrows are going to be fraternal twins. They will never totally be the same.
Lastly, Sam gave his 5 go to products for the younger female.
  1. Concealer
  2. Setting Powder (Loose Translucent Powder)
  3. Mascara
  4. Bronzer
  5. Lip Gloss
If someone is 40+, he recommends some changes from the above.
I had an absolute great time at the class. We left home with a Sam Fine DVD (I have 2 already so I will be doing a giveaway shortly for one), a Vitamin Water bag, Sample eyeshadows from Bare Essentials, a small makeup bag and makeup from L’Bel, and a L’Oreal lip gloss.
Some of the proceeds of the event went to Living Water for Girls. The founder came and spoke to us about her organization. This foundation is to provide support and education to children who have been exploited and put into the sex trade. In Atlanta, some young girls are sold to several men a day. Wow! I just couldn’t believe it. If you can help out in any way, please volunteer with them. I definitely plan on helping in some way.
Thanks again to HauteTravels