Rue From Hunger Games- Amandla Stenberg’s Natural Hair

2 weekends ago I saw Hunger Games. I had heard such great things about the movie. I absolutely loved it!!! It was a great movie and I was introduced to a new young actress who played Rue in the movie, Amandla Stenberg. Actually, I realized this was a re-introduction because she played Zoe Saldana’s role in Colombiana as a child. I don’t know why I didn’t recognize her.

Anyway, she has some gorgeous thick, curly hair! I don’t see too many pics of her wearing her hair curly so here are some screen shots from the movie and other pics of her:

Mini Twists are really cute on her

Lovely hair! Looks like a roller set.

She looks beautiful with the straight hair too!

Here is a twitpic of her big curly hair

Did you watch Hunger Games? What did you think?


curly comments!

  • Ayana

    Loves her hair

  • didn’t really care for the movie, liked the book. the movie just breezed through everything, if I hadn’t read the book i wouldn’t have known WHY anything happened or why i should care about any of the characters. rue/amandla was great though, she’s sooooo pretty

  • The movie could’ve been better but it didn’t fail to make me cry with Rue’s character. I love love LOVE her hair though.

  • IryanaB.

    Loved the movie, especially Rue’s story – was so tragic and touching. Sad to see her die…and that so many twitter people are problematic (those tweets were horrible).