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Ross Clearance – 1st Day Open Since The Quarantine + Haul

Ross Clearance – 1st Day Open Since The Quarantine + Haul

I’m a huge fan and when I saw rumors on twitter that Ross was opening back up in certain cities with massive clearance, I knew I needed to be there day 1.

They have new measures in place. Only a certain amount can be in the store at a time. They sanitized all of the carts as well. The dressing rooms and bathrooms are closed.

They opened in other states last week and maybe a week before that as well. The lines were deep with hundreds of people in line. Since I saw that, I knew I had to get in line two hours early the day they opened. I selected a Ross I thought would be the least chaotic (Peachtree City – about 30 from Atlanta ) and pulled up around 8:15am

I expected a line and to my surprise – no line. The cars in the parking lot had no people in them which I thought was strange. They opened up early!!

Check out my video of the process and the haul:

  • Most of the store was 50% off or more- including clothing
  • Most of the home goods were not on sale (maybe they hadn’t had a chance to mark them down yet 路‍♀️)
  • Furniture was all on clearance. Great deals.
  • Beauty was all on sale.
  • You might want to bring someone with you to get in line – I waited in the checkout line an hour and that was on the low end side.
  • GET THERE EARLY. The line outside was massive when I walked out around 11am. Wrapped around the building— they were actually socially distancing

Thanks to TheKrazyCouponLady for the tip