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Rod Set With LottaBody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion

Rod Set With LottaBody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion


The week before last, I decided to do a rod set that I hadn’t done in awhile. My hair has grown quite a bit. You know I typically continue to get my hair cut. I wanted to grow out my sides a little so I have enough to coil out or twist (at least for now).

I am pretty much a wash & go girl, but with my hair getting longer and heavier, my hair doesn’t “fall” like I like it…so a rod set was perfect to get my curls to lay right!

I decided to use my LottaBody Style Me Texturizing Setting Lotion for this rod set. Let’s start off saying that I am not the best at rod sets. Actually, I ran out of them so had to do flexirods in the back. The ends weren’t completely rolled up everywhere which I didn’t realize until later…but you get the point.


Here you can see I didn’t do the best job at rolling my hair..however, I think that’s the beauty of natural hair. It doesn’t have to be super perfect. In fact, curls that aren’t super perfect look better and more natural in my opinion.

I left them in for 2 days and then took them out.



My curls were UBBBEERRR soft, but defined. I pulled them apart several times to get a full look. I absolutely loved the look and got a ton of compliments.

This even lasted an entire week and still looked good as it got a little frizzy throughout the week.

Can’t wait to try it out again with all perm rods lol. I went to the beauty supply store this weekend to make sure I had enough and got some different sizes. I will be doing it again this weekend for an event I have coming up in LA. Stay tuned…