Review- Twist Out With New Au Naturale Products

Review- Twist Out With New Au Naturale Products

This weekend I decided to take out my twists and get back to my product reviews. Sometimes I get so overwhelmed trying to try out everything but I have a good schedule in place lol. So I decided to do a twist out with Au Naturale (Dark & Lovely’s newest line for naturals)

I am sure by now you have seen the new commercials. I see them all day now! Their products promote anti-shrinkage.

I decided to do a twist out –so I can’t necessarily throw in my vote on whether or not it is anti-shrinkage since a twist out is going to be shorter anyway. (I will do a wash & go later when it gets warmer with it to test it out)

I washed my hair and conditioned. I did about 10 twists in various spaces and put the product on. After the product, I brushed through with my paddle brush and began twisting. I used blue flexi-rods on the end.

I used the Coil Moisturizing Souffle

Here are the twists:

photo 4

I sat under the dryer for 30 minutes (ugghh I hate the dryer) and took them out the next afternoon:

Here are the twists unraveled just once:

photo 2-1

And now separated:

photo 3-1

Day 2-

photo 4-1

Coil Moisturizing Souffle┬áThis is great! My second time using for a twist out. The first time, I forgot to take pics. It was a busy weekend. I loved the results. My hair was shiny and had a soft hold. A friend touched my hair and she said it was super soft. So defined, hold, + soft is great in my book. It’s hard to find something that can do all 3. I honestly thought I put too much product on so I was worried that I would have a hard, crunchy hold or for it to be flaky and it totally surprised me! This particular product is targeted for ladies with tighter curls and coils like myself.

Sheen Sealing Nectar- OMG the smell is AMAZING!! I’ve gotten complements from strangers about it. It is a fruity smell and it smells like paradise. I love it! And its a nice light weight oil. It’s not greasy either. I touched my hair and then rubbed my fingers together and it wasn’t greasy. It leaves an amazing sheen plus smells amazing!

I still have some of the other products to try out. I will try out the Curl Defining Creme Glaze on a Wash & go.

All of the products are about $10 so thats great. Alot of people were asking me where to purchase. You can get it at Sally’s and I am honestly not sure where else yet. But because I see hella commercials, I’m assuming it has to be in more stores right about now. I would check all the places that sell Dark & Lovely which is virtually every drug store or Wal-mart, Target, etc..

What do you think about this new line?