Review: Lisa Rachel Conditioner and Cleanser Argan Oil

I happened to be at this beauty supply store in Atlanta last week and I ran across this sulfate free cleanser called Lisa Rachel. The Conditioner and Cleanser came in Argan Oil which is the one they suggest for curly hair. They also have Jojoba and Chamomile, Olive Oil and Aloe, and Tea Tree Oil and Avocado. I picked it up not checking the price but it came out to be between $8-$9. Not bad. The front of the bottle says that they compare it to Wen’s cleansing conditioners.

-Contains no silfates or harsh ingredients that can strip hair of natural oils.
-Leaves hair cleansed with fabulous sheen and manageability.

I tried out the Lisa Rachel Conditioner and Cleanser and LOVED the smell of course. I can’t explain the smell—I guess it smells like Argan Oil–whatever that smells like lol.  The consistency was great…not too thick and not runny. You use it similarly to Wen, by using several pumps depending on your hair length. I was able to get it to my scalp and throughout my hair.

Today was my 2nd time using it and I still love it. I put it throughout my hair and detangling it. My hair felt really good afterwards, so I felt no need for a traditional conditioner or deep conditioner afterwards which is a plus.

I really like it. You know I will always try different products. I get so many shampoos and never actually review them because my hair feels like straw afterwards (I can’t sulfates in my shampoo anymore). So it is rare for me to find a conditioner that makes my hair feel good AND has some slip and lets me detangle my hair.

You know, I am honestly not even sure where they sell this besides online. I couldn’t find a website for just the brand. I just happened upon it at my local Beauty Supply Store. Still wanted to share anyway because I got great results.