Review: @get_colour Hooks Up Your Hair At Your House

I am working remotely now at my job so it’s hard for me to get out the house to go to the salon during the day. Everytime I find a stylist that I like, they end up being so far from my side of town. I found out about a new mobile service called COLOUR that comes to your house to do an on-demand type of service. I will say it’s like an Uber for hair service.You set it up in the app, and a licensed stylist will be at your door to style your hair.

I will admit, I was skeptical at first because with mobile services like these, they aren’t washing your hair so you have to be ready with your hair prepped. Depending on the style you want to achieve will determine your prep. It could be washing and stretching your hair,, washing and putting in twists and letting it air dry, a fresh wash, etc… I have done a review on a similar company and I was nervous they wouldn’t know how to do textured hair. It actually ended up great, but I loved how this particular company is specifically for women of color.

Right now, these services are only available in the Atlanta metro area and will be expanding.

There are several styles to choose from. I decided to do heat styles wand curls on my hair. The prep for this style was washing my hair and stretching it. I had a wash & go from the day before so I ended up just putting my dry hair (which still felt moisturized) and put it in chunky twists to stretch my hair.

The day of my appointment, the stylist came early which was a great sign. I was in a time bind so it was great that she wasn’t just on time, but she was a little early. She came equipped with all of her styling tools. I asked her where was the best place to set up and I decided to go to my kitchen area because there were plugs there and she could move around nicely.

This is my stretched wash & go:


She was very personable which made it nice since she was in my home. You wouldn’t want it to be uncomfortable with someone in your home. She was awesome and gave me some hair tips as we talked throughout the service.

We chatted briefly about the look I was going for and she got straight to it working thoroughly and swiftly. We were in and out in about 50 minutes.


I absolutely LOVED the look. If you have been following me for awhile, you know I love a good wand curl but since I have cut my hair, I haven’t done wand curls. I can see it’s definitely something too tedious for me to do BUT now that I know about COLOUR, I can schedule an appt and pay through there.


Thanks COLOUR for the experience. I got a million and one compliments on my hair over the evening. Sign up and get your hair done in the comfort of your own home.


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