Review: EDEN BodyWorks Peppermint Tea Tree Collection

I am sooo behind on reviews and I literally use a different shampoo/condish everyday since I am not just a one brand person. Also, I forget sometimes to post about products because I am overwhelmed with all of the different brands catering to natural hair.

I have heard about EDEN BodyWorks for awhile now. The brand was actually started by a 13 year old (who is now in her early 20’s). They are sold in superstore Wal-Mart amongst other places.

I tried out the Peppermint Tea Tree line. The Shampoo, Conditioner and Hair Milk for a wash & go.

Let’s start out with the shampoo. Love it! It made my scalp feel all tingly (which I love) and smells AMAZING! It did not make my hair feel stripped at all. I detangled with my fingers and let the shampoo sit on my scalp while in the shower so it could penetrate.

On to the conditioner! Equally great! Smells awesome. Still made my scalp feel great. I was able to fully detangle my hair easily and my hair felt moisturized.

Next, I put on the Hair Milk. Now with Hair Milks, I usually need something more for wash & go’s to not make my hair frizzy, but this did the job. My hair was still defined and felt great. It wasn’t crunchy or anything. Just defined and nice and soft. I got a good 2 days out of that wash and go. Could’ve been longer, but it was wash and twist day so I only had it for 2 days.

All in all, loved the trio. Loved the smell and best of all, my hair ended up soft and crunch-free.

And here I am later that evening at the National Black Arts Festival.

It’s nice and fluffy like I like my hair!

Have you tried EDEN BodyWorks? What are your thoughts?