Review: Cynthia Rowley + Band-Aids via BirchBox

Band-Aids have come a looonnnnggg way. They went from bandages that are basically supposed to sort of blend in with your skin to cover and protect a scratch to a fashion statement when protecting a cut!!!

Birch Box sent me over some Cynthia Rowley band-aids and people are already asking where to get them!! When I got them, I thought- I don’t have any cuts right now so I didn’t know what type of review I could do- but luckily (but not luckily) my co-worker recently scraped her leg so I found my model for the band-aids!!! (They were too cute for me to waste them on my body when I had no scrapes or bruises at the time)

So Band-Aid partnered with Cynthia Rowley and came up with these fashionable band-aids!! No more nude colored bandages anymore! On to make a fashion statement! And they are definitely a conversation starter for sure!

Look how cute they are! From the chains to the sequins, I love them!

Janee modeled them for me so I could share with my readers:

She picked the ones with the gold chain because it matched her outfit – her black dress and her gold sandals! I like the pattern variety because you can literally match it up with what you have on!

She ended up getting a paper cut earlier that day too ( Man these things came in handy!!!), so she used the colorful sequins one for her finger! Cute!

Thanks to Janee for being my model with her unfortunate scrapes and cuts 🙁 But now, she has a fashionable way to cover up her scrapes!

They also sent over the beach kit also designed by Cynthia Rowley. These are waterproof so great for those who hit up the pool and beach alot in the summer:

The ladies in my office were so excited about them, they took both packs!! lol…but they left me a couple in case I need some o_O

I posted on Twitter and people were asking where people can purchase them. You can purchase the bundle pack for $14 at BirchBox here

This kit includes surf-inspired Band-Aids designed by Cynthia Rowley as well as 4 Neosporin packets – all inside a cute resalable plastic pouch.

Oh, and if you aren’t familiar with BirchBox, it’s a monthly subscription service that sends fab samples (makeup, haircare, skincare, etc) to your house for $10 a month. (These band-aids may be in some ladies boxes this month) I have been a member for maybe 4 or 5 months now and I have gotten some great items in my box! If you are interested in getting a subscription you can join here.