Review: black|Up Contouring Stick

Review: black|Up Contouring Stick

I am no makeup artist. I don’t have much makeup skills either. I am , however, trying and I want to wear more makeup since I am in my early 30’s now and my face isn’t like it used to be lol. When I go out or have a special event at work, I definitely try to spruce it up a bit.

Makeup can be intimidating. One thing I have always admired is contouring. I remember first seeing it with Tyra Banks and then of course Kim Kardashian is known for her infamous contouring. When you see their makeup artists doing it, Who has time to spend 30+ minutes on these intricate details adding 20 products? I sure don’t!

Here comes black|Up Cosmetics Contouring Stick (shade 02). When you have people like me who aren’t great at makeup, you have to find something that is easy. This one product helps you with contouring AND highlighting. You no longer need multiple products. The easy glide on creamy formula makes it so simple to draw on your face in the appropriate areas.

After watching about 10 Youtube videos, I took the plunge. lol


I blended the area under my eye with my fingers, and the other areas I used with a smaller contour brush. When all of the harsh lines were gone, I used a stippling brush all over to blend it even more.

Well, I’m no professional, but I think I did a great job for my 1st and 2nd shot.

This was the first day I tried it this past Saturday.


Here is my 2nd attempt this past Sunday.IMG_7033


It really was easy to do! The contour stick took out all my anxiety of figuring out what to use, where to put it, etc. It just takes a few simple steps and you are done. They also have 5 shades so if you are a woman of color, you will find one that is great for your skin tone.  They suggest you pick the one where the dark shade is 2 tones deeper and on the highlight, it should be one shade lighter. I picked the 2nd one that have. I thought the 1st one wouldn’t been too light but I may try that one out as well.

I definitely suggest this contour stick because it is 2 products in 1 and very easy to use. It is $41 and can be purchased on their website 

For both faces, I used black|Up Cosmetics foundation and their bronzer in 02. I also LOVE their new Perfect Nude Lip Balm. It is super soft, non-sticky, and has a lovely color and gloss. I wore color 04 which I would describe as a rosey brown. I seriously fell in love.

I will be reviewing more of their products coming up!!

Thanks to black|Up for creating a contour & highlight product that even a newbie can use 🙂