Review: Alikay Naturals On A Dry Twist Out

Review: Alikay Naturals On A Dry Twist Out

I was so excited to try out fellow Youtuber’s products Alikay Naturals. If you haven’t heard about the brand, it’s the brainchild of youtuber BlackOnyx. She has an entire collection of hair and skin products that I think you would really like with natural and organic ingredients!

I tried out several products from the line:

Moisturizing Black Soap Shampoo– This is a nice shampoo that didn’t dry out my hair. It was a medium consistency- not too thick and not too liquidy. Just right!

The Lemongrass Leave In Conditioner– OMG…It smells amazing and it makes my hair feel even more amazing. I have been using this daily as a refresher for my curls. I spritz it on in the morning. I am obsessed with this now!!  For this dry twist out, I sprayed this on before I blew out my hair.

photo 1


Next, I looked for the products that weren’t water based. Since I wanted to do a dry twist out, I didn’t want to put anything with water as the main ingredient because my hair would kink back up. The goal was elongated smooth curls.

Creme Brulee Curling Custard (for making your curls defined) and the Moisture Rich Hair Parfait (the moisturizer).  I used both products and started with the parfait all over my hair and then I parted my hair.  With each section, I then applied the custard to each section and began flat twisting my hair.

photo 2photo 3

Every product smelled so great!! Imagine a tropical fragrance- they are all different but smell amazing at the same time! People complimented the smell of my hair 🙂

The next day I made the mistake of taking out the rollers too soon so it didn’t completely set. I went through the day at work with my hair still twisted and took it out around 6pm. Here are the awesome results:

photo 4


My hair was shiny and defined!! I wish I would’ve kept the rollers in longer or bantu knotted the ends though 🙁 But either way, I still liked the results. I don’t really do dry twist outs much so this was my first time in a very long time.


photo 5


Here it is in a high pony. You can tell that my hair is very soft, not weighed down and bouncy!! Great combo for me!
I had a great experience with Alikay Naturals Products. I plan on using them for a wash & go too! I will share the results.

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