Retro Style Aviator Prescription Sunnies From

Retro Style Aviator Prescription Sunnies From


Since I can only wear my contacts on a limited basis, I am stuck in glasses. I might as well wear some cute frames. I always frequent sites that have great prices. Since I like to swap out my glasses, I don’t want to spend a ton of money.

I teamed up with to check out some of their offerings. I noticed the pricing was definitely on par with glasses I normally purchase. Also, I have seen a ton of coupon codes. I am all about glasses for a great price. I remember going into mall glasses stores and them telling me for frames and lenses, it would cost me $300. That is crazy!!! Why spend that kind of money when you can get some cheaper glasses online??

I love aviator style sunglasses. They give me some 70’s and early 80’s vibes. On , you can upload your picture and try on the glasses. This has been very helpful for me since I now do ALL of my glasses and sunglasses shopping online. You match up your eyes to their spacing and now you know what the glasses look like.


I immediately wanted Florence which is a clear best-seller there! They were sold out, so I checked out Brutus which is a similar style.


I was really surprised about the quality. With anything, sometime when you think of a great , low price, you don’t always know what you are going to get. I loved the quality of these sunnies! They were tough and durable and the lenses were and not paper thin which can break easily.DSC02390

They were a great look for a sunny Winter day!


I can’t wait to continue to wear these. As soon as they have the Florence’s available, I’m definitely going to buy those in regular glasses. I can’t wait!

Check out for more deals! When you first get on the site, they will offer you a discount on frames 🙂