Rethink the need to find yourself: Bare Escentuals

This is the topic of the upcoming week for Bare Escentuals “Rethink What Matters

Rethink the need to find yourself:  When I thought about this topic, Passion came up. What is my passion? Hair recently has become a passion of mine and that is why I decided to start a Hair/Beauty blog as well as do YouTube videos. At first it was a hobby, now I am sooo passionate about the natural hair movement and just healthy hair in general. I am also passionate about Television. I work in television on reality shows in Production and Casting. That is another passion. I am happy I found an additional passion to work with on the side. With TV, I am working for someone else…with Hair, I can work on my own time to build my videos and my blog. Because this has become such a passion of mine, I am going to revamp my blog and my videos. Sometimes my schedule doesn’t allow me to keep up as much as I want, but I am going to work on that. This is something that is important to me and I just realized this over the past 6 months. I am happy that I came to this conclusion and found a new passion!

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