Results: Rollerset

Sooo…It was alright for my first time. There were some parts where a little of the hair was hanging off the side of the roller therefore it wasn’t smooth…it was very wavy…When I took it out, I flat ironed just the roots in the front and side perimeter to get this:


Last night I wrapped it..not a silk wrap though, I couldn’t find any saran wrap in the house ( What does the saran wrap do to the hair anyway?)

Here it is after the wrap and overnight…


Next time I won’t wrap it. I don’t like it. Well..its not HORRIBLE for my first time…its just…umm..there…Next time I will keep the curls in and I know how to make my hair smoother on the roller and I will make sure I don’t miss any hair or make sure hair didn’t slide off. Tonight I am going to do a bantu knot out..I think that will salvage it.