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Respect Your Roots- How I Got My Start

Respect Your Roots- How I Got My Start

I had no intention of being a natural hair vlogger/blogger when I first got started. If you’ve ever seen me on a panel or read an interview about me on another site, then you have heard my story. If you haven’t, here it goes! lol

When I first went natural in 2003, nobody was really “going natural” and it wasn’t really a “thing” then. In Atlanta, I saw very few natural ladies, and if they were natural, they had always been. It was something new for me and there were very few outlets for me to learn. I started going to a forum specifically for naturally curly hair and I loved it! I learned about what products work well, etc… That’s when I started becoming a product junkie. I wanted to try everything I saw on the forums.

I started watching Youtube videos, but at the time it was maybe only 10 girls who made consistent videos. Even though I learned alot from those ladies, I realized that none of them had my hair texture…ssoooo I thought, Maybe someone is having a hard time like me and they might enjoy my videos since I have a similar textureI guess I was right!  With the assistance of my mother (who didn’t understand why I wanted to go natural), she would purchase products and send them to me in college. I started doing videos on Youtube and quickly grew at the time. Multiple brands started reaching out to me and I started creating Atlanta events for ladies with curly hair. From there, I continued to grow.

Here is a picture from one of the most successful events I was apart of putting together with over 500 guests!


I never claim to be an expert in hair, but I do think I am an expert in MY hair. I know what works/doesn’t work for me. I hate the term “guru” because I feel like its such a STRONG word to use to call somebody. I think as bloggers/vloggers we are experts in what works for us, and we hope that we encourage others and are able to teach others something about their hair!

Even though I don’t make many videos anymore, I transferred my energy to my blog.

So not only is this a hobby of mine, but I also take it very seriously!  It’s great to do something you love…and I love to talk..about everything!! lol

Basically, I said all this to say, you never know where you will end up just doing something you love!

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