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I had the awesome opportunity of going to a Fall Fashion cocktail event AND they let me pick out some goodies to wear along with some other bloggers.

I have been a member of RentTheRunway for years but never rented anything because I generally in the past didn’t have any cool events to go to. Now that I am at a point where I am invited places through either my blog or my job, I definitely find the need to find more dressy pieces (but I can’t afford to buy them).

Let me back up for those that may not know what is. It’s a way to rent designer dresses at a small fraction of the price. So instead of paying for a $1,500 Herve Leger dress, you rent it for 4 days for around $200. Your only going to wear it once anyway, right?

Since I have a funny shape (big bust, not so slim waist lol, AND I’m tall), I find it difficult to find dresses for me. ESPECIALLY online. RentTheRunway made this soooo easy for me. The filters are better than any other online site I have seen before (and I do ALOT of online shopping). You can filter by your shape, the length, the neckline, etc… all of the important things. So instead of going through hundreds and hundreds of dresses that would be unflattering on me, they pick out the ones that would look great with my shape.

When I dwindled it down to maybe 3 or 4 dresses, I went through the reviews with a fine toothed comb. I love their reviews for 2 reasons- (1) Ladies add pictures of them in the dresses so you can see what it looks like on a non-model lol , and (2) the reviewers  have a section where they add their body type and sometimes they even add their bra size (which is great for me since I am a G cup) I decided on 2 dresses. Because I am generally a size 12, to accomodate for my bust…I always need a backup.

I decided on 2 dresses. (Oh, by the way, any dress you order you can get it in a 2nd size for free in case one size doesn’t fit) I was nervous that one may show a little too much so I decided to get both. When you rent one dress, you get the 2nd dress for only $25.

These were the 2 dresses:

(oh and I’m not trying to be sexy in the gold one- lol my bf took the picture in mid pose move lol)

Shoshanna Metallic Filcoupe Shimmer Dress ($75)
Badgley Mischka Fifth Avenue Showstopper Dress ($75)

While I liked them both, I decided to go with the dress on the top! The dress on the bottom I thought had too much cleavage for the event (but I would definitely wear this on a date or something else) and I like one sleeve dresses.  Oh yeah, I forgot to mention I ordered accessories too! I ended up getting a gold bracelet set and a pewter cuff! I wanted to make sure I was covered for either dress.

If you have a nice event to go to and you want to impress, if you don’t want to spend a ton of money you should really look into RTR. I will definitely be looking there from now on. With Fashion Week around the corner (Yay! So excited I am going this year), I definitely need some hot dresses. Check out RentTheRunway

Stay tuned for the event recap…