Relaxed vs. Natural

Recently I have been seeing alot of Relaxed vs. Natural and I am so against the battle. Me personally, I do not care about what type of hair the next girl has or whether she is relaxed or natural. I am not a militant natural who doesn’t think you should straighten your hair or color it-Obviously! I like the versatility of being natural and being able to go straight one day and afro the next. I also love the fact that I can color my natural hair and it won’t cause damage like on relaxed hair. I hear some things from guys sometime or even women with relaxed hair claiming that natural women are natural because we are trying to get back to our “roots”. Generalizations are never good. You don’t know why someone “went” natural until you ask that person. Everyone has their own reason. Remember, we didn’t “go” natural. We have been that way since birth. We “got” relaxers, etc… I hear everything from women with relaxers want to be white and women who are natural are Pro-Black and feminists. Its so sad alot of people generalize. Why not just ask that person why they decided to remain in their natural state or why they chose to get a relaxer? Warning- some people may be offended to be asked that question. People get very touchy when it comes to hair.


curly comments!

  • Lena

    I can’t agree with you more. It seems that every few months, you see this bickering on the net and its become quite tiring.
    I personally don’t care that you have relaxed or natural hair…I love you as a woman regardless. I just hope that the same strength that people are arguing they can use it to support each other.

    ok…that was my rant and my 2cents

    we wont even go into the curl envy thing…

  • nic

    Why is it that we can almost always find a reason to divide ourselves? I went natural because i noticed the long term effects of relaxing , I wanted healthier hair. I believe relaxing came about because we bought into the lie that our natural hair is not beautiful or manageable..

  • SIGH…yeah, it’s a shame that we (and when i say WE i mean black women) have to ALWAYS find something to separate “us” from “them.”

    i feel like that is done to us ENOUGH by other folks, so why do we have to do it to ourselves?

    i call it the modern day good and bad hair…in fact i posted my opinions about the modern day good and bad hair last year on my blog.

    can’t we all just get along???????

  • Novella L.

    After being a slave to relaxers for 40 yrs, I am definetly promoting
    being natural. But I know only a few of my girlfriends will embrace
    my going natural but really who cares. Life is too short to worry
    about straight or curly. I say do whatever makes you happy.

  • SRR

    Such wise words Lexi!
    I follow you (on youtube and this blog) and find you to be such an inspiration and encouragement for me to continue on my “Natural” course (since birth with a relaxing break in between)
    Thanks again!