Relaxed vs. Natural

Recently I have been seeing alot of Relaxed vs. Natural and I am so against the battle. Me personally, I do not care about what type of hair the next girl has or whether she is relaxed or natural. I am not a militant natural who doesn’t think you should straighten your hair or color it-Obviously! I like the versatility of being natural and being able to go straight one day and afro the next. I also love the fact that I can color my natural hair and it won’t cause damage like on relaxed hair. I hear some things from guys sometime or even women with relaxed hair claiming that natural women are natural because we are trying to get back to our “roots”. Generalizations are never good. You don’t know why someone “went” natural until you ask that person. Everyone has their own reason. Remember, we didn’t “go” natural. We have been that way since birth. We “got” relaxers, etc… I hear everything from women with relaxers want to be white and women who are natural are Pro-Black and feminists. Its so sad alot of people generalize. Why not just ask that person why they decided to remain in their natural state or why they chose to get a relaxer? Warning- some people may be offended to be asked that question. People get very touchy when it comes to hair.