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“Reed Between The Lines” Teaches Acceptance Of Natural Hair (Recap + Video)

OMG A great episode of “Reed Between The Lines” last night. The episode was called “Let’s Talk About Hair”.

“Kaci plans to revamp her hairstyle to impress a boy, causing a hair-raising tangle with Carla”

Kaci  (Zoe Soul) straightened her hair for a role in a play and she hated it…until her love interest admired her straight hair. Of course from there, Kaci decided that maybe she did like it and opted for a relaxer to get the guy. With her hair separated into 4 sections, ready to put the relaxer in…Carla (Tracee Ellis Ross) steps in to explain to her to not do anything permanent to her hair. She even mentioned that her curl pattern would change and it would take years to grow her hair back out.

It’s alot more great natural hair talk in this episode, from Mom and daughter hair time, to Carla talking about her natural hair journey.

I absolutely thought this was a GREAT show topic regardless of natural, relaxed, weave, etc… She was teaching her daughter to accept herself and to not change for a man.

Kudos to the writers for keeping up with what is current: natural hair is here today!

Check out the episode below if you missed it: