“Reed Between The Lines” Teaches Acceptance Of Natural Hair (Recap + Video)

OMG A great episode of “Reed Between The Lines” last night. The episode was called “Let’s Talk About Hair”.

“Kaci plans to revamp her hairstyle to impress a boy, causing a hair-raising tangle with Carla”

Kaci  (Zoe Soul) straightened her hair for a role in a play and she hated it…until her love interest admired her straight hair. Of course from there, Kaci decided that maybe she did like it and opted for a relaxer to get the guy. With her hair separated into 4 sections, ready to put the relaxer in…Carla (Tracee Ellis Ross) steps in to explain to her to not do anything permanent to her hair. She even mentioned that her curl pattern would change and it would take years to grow her hair back out.

It’s alot more great natural hair talk in this episode, from Mom and daughter hair time, to Carla talking about her natural hair journey.

I absolutely thought this was a GREAT show topic regardless of natural, relaxed, weave, etc… She was teaching her daughter to accept herself and to not change for a man.

Kudos to the writers for keeping up with what is current: natural hair is here today!

Check out the episode below if you missed it:


curly comments!

  • K.

    I really enjoyed this episode. I’m sold on this show!

  • This was an awesome episode and I’m glad they did this so early on in the season. Natural hair is NOT a fad, and I’m glad they addressed some of the issues that curly haired people deal. They did a great job delivering the message of self-acceptance and self-appreciation.

  • chrystal


  • Daisy

    I am not a fan of this show (yes, I want a positive black show on TV just like everybody else) I think its dry and boring and positive doesn’t always equal good I am sure that is not a popular opinion but that is my .02 on the matter. That being said I did understand and appreciate the natural hair message (I have locs) BUT I am one who feels people can wear their hair anyway they want w/o being knocked for it my gfriend sells t shirts that say good hair and the def is any hair that is healthy and well kept. I have several co workers who are natural but their hair looks a mess more times than not. I also have co workers with jacked up weaves. I just don’t like the natural vs creamy crack debate.

    Say something positive challenge- Tracee’s clothes are FIYAH on the show that’s the best part to me

  • i was excited also! loved the mom and daughter talk also.. i googled it at once to see what the other natural has to say about it

  • TJ

    I enjoyed the fact that this episode promoted parents talking with their children. I think this episode was more than about natural vs perm, but more about being yourself and not changing who you are for someone else. I also liked the fact that it touched on decision making. Not just rushing into a decsion based on a fleeting feeling, but getting the facts and understanding the effects of your decision. I am always preaching to my son that their is always a consequence (good or bad) to your decisions, reactions or non-actions and some of them you have to live with for the rest of your life so you better think before you leap (or not leap).