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“Reed Between The Lines” Cast- Zoe Soul & Zoe Hendrix Natural Hair

I saw Tracee Ellis Ross tweet earlier today that herself and her TV daughters are all natural. I noticed that from the commercials and thought they were so cute.  Kaci played by Zoe Soul & Alexis played by  Zoe Hendrix have some great hair.

This is great for the younger ladies out there who may not see too many people their age that are natural. Hopefully this will inspire them to know its okay to go/be natural. I know when I was in middle school, I had a HARD time trying to go natural. Not sure how it is these days…I figure its probably about the same in middle school and maybe a little easier in high school..not sure.

Anyway, I wanted to showcase these lovely ladies. Please support them on Tuesday at 10pm after the BET Hip Hop Awards. “Reed Between The Lines”  airs right after the show so make sure you stay up or DVR it. Check them out:

Here is Zoe Soul – She Dances & Sings too!

Check out Zoe Soul and her TV mom Tracee Ellis Ross

Zoe Hendrix- She is sooo adorable. She reminds me of one of my nieces

Here is their TV family including Nadji Jeter at the BET Hip Hop Awards

Check them out:

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